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Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Beanland. I am Tyler, Chris and Sharon’s (the company owners) daughter. You might remember me if you have visited our website before, but I’m about ten years older now! The beans are still a big part of my life, as I share the enjoyment that my younger brother gets from their magic. That’s part of the charm of our magical beans – they are fun for the whole family! I still find them fascinating, and love watching my parents come up with new fabulous ideas!

Chris and Sharon

Chris and Sharon are the owners/managers of the business who came up with this magical idea. Sharon does all the designing of the products and packaging (not by hand anymore, we’ve moved up in the world!). She is the one who comes up with all the adorable shapes, colorful packaging and sizzling Sprudels. Chris has the hard, yet fun, job. He makes sure everything runs smoothly. It is a very stressful job, but fulfilling his dreams makes it all worthwhile. I am very proud of my dad for all the hard work he puts into his business and that he has never given up on his dreams, which get bigger and more ambitious by the day.

Jane and Gerry

Jane and Gerry do a lot of important work around Beanland to ensure that everything and everyone is working hard and having fun. Thanks to them the magic of Beanland is even more fantastic. Jane is the production manager at the factory while Gerry works hard doing general work.

Tutu, Busi and Bongiwe

JThese ladies are the life of Beanland, always smiling and laughing. Tutu manages all the cutting of the shapes and Bean production, and Busi does all the dying of shapes. She gives them all their wonderful colour that brings them to life. Bongiwe is brand new and has just joined us to help with the cutting. Their sunny disposition makes the Bean magic come alive.

Sindy and Gcobisa

Sindy and Gcobisa are our resident Sprudel masters. Sindy has recently been put in charge of the Sprudel production while Gcobisa helps the process. They, along with the rest of the Sprudel Ladies, create the magical bath experience Sprudels provide us.

Roezona and Anthea

Roezona and Anthea are in charge of all the packaging. They make sure you get the right bean shape in the correct packet. Believe me, this is a tricky job as you dont want a fairy in your Creepy Crawly beans


Debbie is the Sales representative for the Western Cape. She travels around handling all the Magical Bean outlets and making sure there is always a fresh supply of beans for your enjoyment. If you want to become a Bean outlet in Cape Town you will deal with her smiling face and charm.


Rozelle is the Sales representative for Gauteng. She whizzes around keeping everyone in the area happy.

The Village Work Centre, The Joyce Chevalier Centre and Site 5

At Beanland we believe in helping as many people as we can. That is why we have incorporated the help of workers from The Village Work Centre and The Joyce Chevalier Centre where we provide work for people with handicaps. These wonderful and hardworking people put the cute little Bean shapes into the capsules by hand. They really do an amazing job! Another way we help the community is by providing jobs to the unemployed people from Site 5 (an informal settlement located near Beanland). They also assist in loading the magical beans. Thanks to all these people the Bean family is growing bigger and stronger. We get as much joy from helping these people as you will fromour Bean product.

The Sprudel Ladies

We make the Sprudels at our factory. The Site 5 ladies have now been given extra work in the manufacturing of the Sprudels. They start creating these delightful bath toys from scratch. They mix everything together – it can get quite messy! But Beanland does smell beautiful (as can your bath!)


6 years later and still testing beans!